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The Book is called Ivanhoe and it was written by Sir Walter Scott. It’s an adventure book.


The story of Ivanhoe takes place in England during the last years of the twelfh century.

He is dark and thin, but with a good health. He was disinherited from England by Cedric, his father, because he did not govern his passion for Rowena; now he is in Palestine but he will come back when the tournaments of Ashby start again.

The King of England is Richard, but he was captured and hold as a prisionaer by Duke of Austria when he was going home; now, while he is absent, his brother and rival Prince John is governing England, but during the tournament with horses in the town of Ashby, Prince John received news about his brother. He has escaped and he is expected to come back to England again, but P.John won’t allow it.

On the second day of the tournament, Ivanhoe appeared with his helmet and fought with Bracy (a Normal). Ivanhoe was in danger but a Black Knight helped him and they win.

Then, Rowena, Ivanhoe, Gurth, Wama, Rebecca, Isaac… etc leave Ashby in a cart and cure Ivanhoe.

During the journey, they were mugged by the Normans and they are led to the castle of Torquilstone. Gurth and Wamba managed to escape and they asked Locksley and the Black Knight for help.

They attacked the castle and saved them. Later, the Grand Master of the Order of the Templar summoned a trial because the Jewess Rebecca is accused of being to fight. The Black Knight (that had helped Ivanhoe before) helped him. Later when they won, the B.Knight took off his helmet, everybody in surprised scrimmed – Long life King Richard! This man was the King, he had helped Ivanhoe, Rebecca… etc

So ge started the reign England again and at the end Cedric fogives his son, Wilfred of Ivanhoe, and gave his consent to his marriage with his ward, lady Rowena. Rebecca and Isaac went to Granada, but before going there, she gave a diamond and some earring to Ivanhoe to prove her gratitude because he had saved her.


I didn’t like the book too much because it was very difficult to read and to understand it. The plot was boring.


Wager: apuesta
Deeds: Hazañas
Oath: Jurament
Coronet: diadema

NAME: Marcos García Rayado


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