Monday, December 19, 2005


Titanic is a film based on a real story that happened in 1912. It is directed by James Cameron, he also made a lot of films like Terminator. It is a romantic flim. The main characters are Rose and Jack. Rose is interpretated by Kate Winslet and Jack is interpretated By Leonardo Dicaprio.
The plot is based on the famous boat called "Titanic" which made a long journey with many passengers. The problem begins when the boat crashes into a big iceberg. The plot is romantic and sad, because Jack is a poor boy who fell in love with Rose, but Rose, a rich girl, is engaged to another man. Finally Jack and Rose fell in love. Roses´s mother doesn´t accept this relathionship but Rose is really loved.
In the boat the people were happy but suddenly the boat crashes into an iceberg, and the boat breaks. Finally Jack died and Rose was saved by another boat. After that, she got married to another man and she had two children, who tell this history.
I think it is a brilliant film but is very sad because when Jack died I cried a lot. I dont like the end.

Zorione Torrontegui Perez


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