Monday, December 19, 2005

doctor Dolittle sergio alvarez soto

The plot of the film called Dr. Dolittle,is a man that can speak with animals,as well as with humans.He has a familly with his wife and sons.The familly doesn´t understand tath he can speak with animals, but it is true.Dolittle is a chemists and he helps a lot of animals,for example a monkey,birds,caws,horses and even he helps a tiger,because the tiger is too ill and it can die.Finally everybody understands that Dolittle can speak with animals.I like the film,it is amazing and the film is dubbed into Spanish language.The scene is set in New York and in the house of Dolittle.There aren´t special effects but the audicence is a lot of people.It was set in 2001 in America,I think in Los Angeles.


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