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The Book is called Ivanhoe and it was written by Sir Walter Scott. It’s an adventure book.


The story of Ivanhoe takes place in England during the last years of the twelfh century.

He is dark and thin, but with a good health. He was disinherited from England by Cedric, his father, because he did not govern his passion for Rowena; now he is in Palestine but he will come back when the tournaments of Ashby start again.

The King of England is Richard, but he was captured and hold as a prisionaer by Duke of Austria when he was going home; now, while he is absent, his brother and rival Prince John is governing England, but during the tournament with horses in the town of Ashby, Prince John received news about his brother. He has escaped and he is expected to come back to England again, but P.John won’t allow it.

On the second day of the tournament, Ivanhoe appeared with his helmet and fought with Bracy (a Normal). Ivanhoe was in danger but a Black Knight helped him and they win.

Then, Rowena, Ivanhoe, Gurth, Wama, Rebecca, Isaac… etc leave Ashby in a cart and cure Ivanhoe.

During the journey, they were mugged by the Normans and they are led to the castle of Torquilstone. Gurth and Wamba managed to escape and they asked Locksley and the Black Knight for help.

They attacked the castle and saved them. Later, the Grand Master of the Order of the Templar summoned a trial because the Jewess Rebecca is accused of being to fight. The Black Knight (that had helped Ivanhoe before) helped him. Later when they won, the B.Knight took off his helmet, everybody in surprised scrimmed – Long life King Richard! This man was the King, he had helped Ivanhoe, Rebecca… etc

So ge started the reign England again and at the end Cedric fogives his son, Wilfred of Ivanhoe, and gave his consent to his marriage with his ward, lady Rowena. Rebecca and Isaac went to Granada, but before going there, she gave a diamond and some earring to Ivanhoe to prove her gratitude because he had saved her.


I didn’t like the book too much because it was very difficult to read and to understand it. The plot was boring.


Wager: apuesta
Deeds: Hazañas
Oath: Jurament
Coronet: diadema

NAME: Marcos García Rayado

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It´s time to write about the books you have read.

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Monday, December 19, 2005


This film was set in London an in our time. It starred Shane West and Mandy Moore, and the director is Adam Shankman. It´s about a religious girl that wasn´t very beatiful and popular at highschool and a boy that is the opposite, but when he meat her and they knew more about each other, the fell in love. Finally they got married but Jaime, the girl died because she was sick.
In my this is a excelent romantic film because it shows thst different people fall in love and I like soundtrack very much. It´s sung by the main actrees, Mandy Moore.


It's a drama and a romantic film. It takes place in a big ship which was salling in the Atlantic ocean in December 1912:
The director is James Cameron, and the main actors are: Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. And some of the supporting actors are: Billi Zone, Bill Pawton, Frances Fisher, Kathy Bates, Gloria Stuart...
The film is about Jack, a poor painter who gets into the Titanic, it´s the first time that a nautical cruiser with many pelople in it sails the Atlantic ocean.
In the Titanic, Jack meets Rose, a rich woman who is going to marry a millionaire, dominant and pervese man. Jack and Rose have a love story in the ship, but it's too short because the boat crashes with an ice-berg and it breads in two parts. It's an interesting film because it's based on real fact. It's a fascinating film because it's about a pretty love story, but on the other hand it's terrible because many people died.
This film was sensational and it won about 1800 million dollar, but it was incredible too, because it cost two hundred million dollar.
The soundtrack was brilliant.
I like this film a lot, it's an excellent and gripping film.
I've seen this film a lot of times and I agree with the eleven oscars that Titanic won.

Nuria Ortiz Pérez.


My favourite film is titanic it is a romantic film.the director is james cameron.Titanic is the best film.The actors areLeonardo Dicaprio called jack who is a poor young man and rose a rich young woman.
They fall in love but They have an accident in the sea and jack dies.The film takes place in the Atlantic.
I like titanic because I love romantic novels and it is an interesting film.

Lara Barrios Albuerne


I saw the film last year at the cinema. I chose it because I was fascinated by Alexander the Great. Alexander is a film based on a true story. Directed by Oliver Stone and starring The film is about Alexander´s life, a very important Greek warrior. He was a Greek prince who became king when his father died. After that he started to conquer the world and he created a very important empire. he was an excellent warrior and history remebers him like one the best general of all ages.
I enjoy the film more than I expected.

Carla Rubiera Cancelas

doctor Dolittle sergio alvarez soto

The plot of the film called Dr. Dolittle,is a man that can speak with animals,as well as with humans.He has a familly with his wife and sons.The familly doesn´t understand tath he can speak with animals, but it is true.Dolittle is a chemists and he helps a lot of animals,for example a monkey,birds,caws,horses and even he helps a tiger,because the tiger is too ill and it can die.Finally everybody understands that Dolittle can speak with animals.I like the film,it is amazing and the film is dubbed into Spanish language.The scene is set in New York and in the house of Dolittle.There aren´t special effects but the audicence is a lot of people.It was set in 2001 in America,I think in Los Angeles.

Mystic river

My favourite film is Mystic River. The director is Clint Eastwood. The main characters are Sean Pean, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon. It's about three young boys: Jimmy Markum, Sean Devine and Dave Boyle. They live in the same village and they are friends. One day, when they are playing baseball in the street two men appear and take Dave into their car. It changes their lives. Twenty-five years later, the three return to find another event: the murder of the 19-year-old daughter of Jimmy. Sean is a policeman and he receives the order of unravelling the case. Jimmy is eager to find the assasin of his daughter. Dave is related to the crime by a series of circumstances. The investigation becomes close between the three friends.
The end is very exciting. It has good special effects and soundtrack. I watched the film dubbed into Spanish. I like the film because I like action films

Ana González de Herrero Otero


I think that it is a wonderful film because it is romantic and the end is fantastic
it takes place on an island.I saw it when I was 9 years old but it was produced in 1982.
I believe it is dubbed in spanish.the plot is very interesting.
The story starts when a ship is sunk.A couple of children arrive to an island whith an adult.A few months latter the man died and the children have to grow alone.
The sound is very good and the images are excelent.
The caracters are very gorgous and it is one of my favourite film

What dreams may come

My favourite film is "what dreams may come". The director is Vincent Ward. It's setted in the USA in the 90's. The plot and the script are very good because it makes you feel how much the characters love each other. I'ts full of special effects and the soundtrack is beautiful. It's dubbed into Spanish.
The most important character is Chris. He's married to Annie and they have two children. The children die in an accident and then, Chris also dies. As a consequence, Annie becomes depressed. Chris is in Heaven and he can't see his children, but he can see Annie, although she can't see him.
She commits suicide and she goes to hell, so Chris decides to go there to find and take her to heaven, taking the risk of going mad. Finally he findsher and the family meet in heaven.


I'm going to talk about my favourite film, it is Titanic. It is a romantic film. It takes place in the Atlantic Ocean in1912. It is directed by James Cameron. The main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and the main actress is Kate Winslet. The film is about a couple, they have met in the boat. People didn't like them because she was going to get married to another boy and she was richer than him. They were very happy until he died when the boat senk. I think that it is brilliant because they play very well their roles and it is very real. It is very gripping because when it starts you can't stop seeing it. I liked this film from the beginning.

Sara Rubio Vivas


It is an impressive and romantic film. It is a mixture of adventure and romantic drama film. It takes place in the United States in 1912. It is directed by James Cameron. The main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, and the main actress is Kate Winslet. There are a lot of supporting actors and actresses. It is dubbed into Spanish, and sometimes can be subtitled in English and this way I can improve my English. The film is about a transatlantic. It is a love history between the two main actors that changes to be tragic when the transatlantic crashes into an iceberg. It is excellent and very interesting.
Lydia González Ibáñez

pearl Harbor

My favourite film is Pearl Harbor. The stars are Ben Affleck, Josh Harnett and Kate Beckinsale.The director is Michael Bay.The soundtrack is from Hans Zimmer and I like it a lot.
I was set in Pearl Harbor in 1942. It was about The Second War World and the love between three people, two best friends that love the same girl. It is really very good.
Probably I have seen this film hundreds times. Now I know all the script. It is dubbed,but I saw in English too.

Tania Torres

the lord of the rings

This is a fantasy film, the director was Peter Jackson. The main actor is Elian Wood who plays the part of a small ccreature called Frodo. There are a lot of suporting actors because Frodo is helped by two men, a wizard, an elf and a dwarf, and they met a lot of people in their route. The film takes place in a imaginary worl. It is based on a book written by J.R.R. Tolkien and it is the first of a series of three films. It was made 2001 and most of the scenes were filmed in New Zeland. Although the scrip is brilliant, the plot is ok because can be quite difficult to follow if you haven't read the book and the special effects are absolutely amazing. The film tells the story of a small creature called Frodo who has to destroy a gold ring in a volcano. Frodo is helped by two men, a wizard, an elf and a dwarf. The fellowship has to be face to face with a lot of orcs. I like the film because the plot is excelent. The actors are great and very handsome too. The dwarf is very kind and very charming. The special effects are fascinating and the fights are incredible.

Andrea F.F.


Titanic is a dramatic movie released by Paramount Pictures and 20Th Century Fox. The bulk of the plot is set aboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic during her maiden voyage in 1912. The film was directed by James Cameron and starred by Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher and Gloria Stuart. The main actors are Leonardo and Kate Winslet. This film has a good plot. Titanic´s plot:
Rose, just 17 years old in April of 1912, boards the ship with the upper-class passengers with her mother and her fiance. Rose clearly does not feel very much for her fiance, but her mum pushes her into the marriage for financial security. Meanwhile, a drifter and artist named Jack Dawson wins third-class ticket to the ship in a poker game. Jack is clearly falling in love with Rose, but Rose is inclined to ignore their growing affection because of her engagement and their different social standings. But She decides to throw caution to the coind and offer her heart to Jack. In the meantime, the captain and his crew have been seemingly ignoring many warnings about upcoming ice fields in the ship´s path, and the Titanic maintains the high speed suggested by White star Line managing director Bruce even as the ship heads into the night. Finally, Jack dies of hypothermia. She bids him goodbye, then manages to get the lifeboat´s attention to come back and rescue her. Titanic´s soundtrack: Celine Dion sang My heart Will go on, the film´s signature song written by James Horner and Will Jennigs.


The Notebook ("El Diario de Noa")

It´s a love story film. It takes place in North Carolina in the 1940s. It´s directed by Nick Cassavetes. The main actor is Ryan Gosling and the main actress is Rachel Mc Adams.

The film is about a couple, Noa and Allie. They first meet when she goes to Carolina during her holidays. They fall in love although he´s a poor man and she´s very rich. Her family forbid her to see him but finally they are together, they have sons, daugters and greatsons although she doesn´t remember anything because she´s very ill. But everyday he tells her their love story and then she can recognize him but only for a few minutes.

The film is gripping and a tearjerker. The plot is great althoug it isn´t billiant. I liked the film but I think it´s slow, I mean it could be shorter.

Mabel Canal Menéndez

Vanity Fair

This film was set in London in the first quarter of the 19th century.The director of this flim is Mira Nair and the actors ans actress are Reese Witerspoon;Meg Wynn Owen; Jonh Franklin...The plot:Becky even as a child she yerans for a more glamorous life and she makes her way up into high society.It´s a romantic film.

In my opinion this film is excelent because I like romantic films.The soundtrack is fantastic ans It´s made by Mychael Danna.

Marina Lavín Pérez


My favourite film is "Urban Legend". It is a sequel because there are two parts of it, however I prefer the first part. It was set in USA in 1998. The director is Jamie Blanks. It is a horror film. The plot is about a killer who killes his victims following several urban legends. I think it is a good film because it catches you. In addition, it is really difficult to guess the end of the film. It is similar to other horror films, however it is an original film. I recomended it, if you like suspense.

Marta González


Titanic is a film based on a real story that happened in 1912. It is directed by James Cameron, he also made a lot of films like Terminator. It is a romantic flim. The main characters are Rose and Jack. Rose is interpretated by Kate Winslet and Jack is interpretated By Leonardo Dicaprio.
The plot is based on the famous boat called "Titanic" which made a long journey with many passengers. The problem begins when the boat crashes into a big iceberg. The plot is romantic and sad, because Jack is a poor boy who fell in love with Rose, but Rose, a rich girl, is engaged to another man. Finally Jack and Rose fell in love. Roses´s mother doesn´t accept this relathionship but Rose is really loved.
In the boat the people were happy but suddenly the boat crashes into an iceberg, and the boat breaks. Finally Jack died and Rose was saved by another boat. After that, she got married to another man and she had two children, who tell this history.
I think it is a brilliant film but is very sad because when Jack died I cried a lot. I dont like the end.

Zorione Torrontegui Perez


The film is Honey. It is set in New York´s districts in 2004. The director of this film is Bille Woodruff. The actress is Jessica Alba and teh actor is Mekhi Phifer but I think that he has a supporting role. Jessica has a good actress´ performed. The plot isn´t very difficult to understand. She´s a person with a dream. She loves dancing and she´s looking forward to starting a career like a dancer. She has a lot of problems but she achieves to open an academy for children that are alone and love dancing because dancing is their life. I seems a good film to me. There are a lot of hip-hop dancing and it shows good and bad people. I like it.



It´s a thiller. It takes place in the USA. It´s directed by David Finche who directed other famous films like Fight Club, 1999 and Panic Room, 2002.
The screenplay is by Andrew Kevin Walker. The main actor and supporting actors and actresses are Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Gwyneth Paltrow. The film is about two cops, one of them is Willian (Morgan Freeman) who is a methodical and patient cop. He is in his last week before retirement; the other, a young and prestigious cop, is David ( Brad Pitt). He´s newly-wed. They have to solve the case of serial killer, that has the seven sins in common. Seven kinds of deaths. The murder who called John Doe, murders his victims according to the seven sins.
In my opinion, it´s similar to the Silence of the Lambs but I think it´s way better than that. The atmosphere of Seven is claustrophobic and it has a good special effects. In 1995, the film was nominated for the best montage.

Lucía Orosa

"La caza del Octubre rojo"

The film I've recently seen is "La caza del Octubre rojo". It is directed by John McTiernan. The main actor is Alec Baldwin and the supporting actors are Scott Glenn and Sean Connery. It is an accion film. It takes place in the ocean in a submarine during the cold war. The film is about a commander of a Russian nuclear submarine who wants to give the submarine to the United States.
In my opinion the film is exciting and fascinating and I recommend to see it.

Emilio Cedillo Batalla

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is an adventure film. It takes in a mysterious island near Costa Rica. This film is directed by Steven Spielberg and the actors are Jeff Goldblum and Julianne Moore.
The story is about two scientist who go to an island where there are diniosaurs. These dinosaurs have been created by a scientist but humans lost their control. In this way, dinosaurs caused a lot of dangerous problems.
the soundtrack was composed by John Williams.
I think that this film is very interesting becouse it talks about dinosaurs that have been wepped out.

Javier Valdés

The Lord of the Rings

The film that I enjoy was the Lord of the rings. I think it was a fantastic film.
The film takes place in a fantasy land but it was set in New Zeland. The actors were very good and I think they had to work very hard to do this film.
the film contains a lot of special effects and the soundtrack was really great.
The plot was a little difficult to follow but it was very funny. It made me think about it.
My recomendation is to go and see it now.

Adrián Pérez Arcoiza 3º ingles
15:30-17 h.

"A million dollar baby"

My favourite film is "A million dollar baby". I don't know who the director is, but one of the main actors is Clint Eastwood. The plot tells about one girl who wants to become a boxer but she can't because she is old and a girl! Eventually she manages to do boxing. The end is very sad. The film has been dubbed into many languages. There weren't any special effects. The soundtrack is amazing. The film doesn't have a sequel.

Coral García Artime


Let´s work with films. These are the favourite films of 3rd year students of English at the Language School in Gijón.